Escape the Prison Room Level 5 Walkthrough

Escape the Prison Room is a room-escape game for iOS and Android devices. The goal is to break out of each jail room to escape the prison by solving mini puzzles, discovering hidden objects and using them in the room to proceed to the next level. Below is a walkthrough for each level of Escape the Prison Room.

Level 5 Walkthrough

Step 1: Take the magnet out of the rice bowl.

Step 2: Pick up the camera from under the table.

Step 3: Flip the bench and take the matches.

Step 4: Take the rag from the bottom bunk.

Step 5: Take the green bottle from the corner of the room.

Step 6: Combine the green bottle with the rag and matches.

Step 7: Take the rope and hammer from near the curtains.

Step 8: Use the camera on the barred hole in the door. Take the photo and place the photo on the video camera in the top right corner of the room.

Step 9: Tap on the top bunk frame. User the hammer to take the right rail and place it on the video camera. Nail it in with the hammer. Take the other nail on the bunk frame and place it on the video camera again.

Step 10: Use the hammer on the broom to break off the top half. Combine the rope, broom stick and magnet. Use the magnet stick to get the flier in the bars above the bunk bed.

Step 11: Use the flier on the bars in the ceiling covering the smoke detector. Use the molotov cocktail on the smoke detector and the door will open.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 5 of Escape the Prison Room.


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