Escape the Prison Room Level 4 Walkthrough

Escape the Prison Room is a room-escape game for iOS and Android devices. The goal is to break out of each jail room to escape the prison by solving mini puzzles, discovering hidden objects and using them in the room to proceed to the next level. Below is a walkthrough for each level of Escape the Prison Room.

Level 4 Walkthrough

Step 1: Pick up the wooden doorknob from the right table.

Step 2: Pick up the keys from under the blanket.

Step 3: Take the blue bucket off of the left shelf.

Step 4: Look at the bed and tap underneath it. Now tap around the side until you see the clues. Remember the patterns:

  • 1st = Short and Long top left
  • 2nd = Short left, Long right
  • 3rd  Short right, Long top left
  • 4th = Shirt and Long top

Step 5: Use the wooden knob on the middle of the mirror. Take the piece of glass.

Step 6: Look at the wall right above the bed. Use the glass repeatedly on the wall until you can see the box. Use the clue from the bed to open the box. Take the green keys.

Step 7: Fill the bucket from the water barrel in the right corner. Pour the water into the grate in the floor. Wait until the keys float to the top, then take them.

Step 8: Look at the book for the arrow clue: Left and Right (same time), Right, Left, Left, Left, Right. Go to the radio and enter it. Remember colors: Green, Red, Yellow

Step 9: Enter the colored keys into locks on door in same order as colors: Green, Red, Yellow.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 4 of Escape the Prison Room. Continue to level 5.


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