Escape the Prison Room Level 3 Walkthrough

Escape the Prison Room is a room-escape game for iOS and Android devices. The goal is to break out of each jail room to escape the prison by solving mini puzzles, discovering hidden objects and using them in the room to proceed to the next level. Below is a walkthrough for each level of Escape the Prison Room.

Level 3 Walkthrough

Step 1: Pick up the bowl on the right. Take the crowbar on the red knob (to the right of the bowl). Pour the bowl into the toilet and place it back where you found it to get another clue.

Step 2:  Complete the puzzle on the wall. Use the crowbar to open the hidden compartment behind the puzzle.

Step 3: Take scissors. Enter the correct colors (found around the room)

  • Yellow square = 1
  • Red square = 2
  • Green square = 3
  • Teal square = 4

Take the keys and use them to unlock the door.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 3 of Escape the Prison Room. Continue to level 4.


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