Escape the Mansion Walkthrough: Levels 51 52 53 54 55

Escape the Mansion is a new room escape puzzle game from Gipnetix Games (developer of 100 Doors 2013). Similar to other room escape games, your goal is to solve the puzzle using the clues and objects to unlock the door and go to the next room. Escape the Mansion is available for Android and soon iOS devices.

Level/Door 51 Answer: Pick up the cross and use it on the ghost until the ghost goes between the two symbols on the left (one on the floor and the other on the ceiling). Once in position, repeatedly tap the symbol on the ground.

Level/Door 52 Answer: Drag the ring on the pole to the right so it falls off. Pick up the ring and put it on the door knocker to open the door.

Level/Door 53 Answer: Tap the top silver thing on top of the door until it falls off. Pick up the screwdriver and use it on the boxes next to the phone. Tap all 4 red buttons quickly to open the door.

Level/Door 54 Answer: Count the number of green and red flowers in the room. Tap the green light on the left rope 5 times and the red light on the right rope 7 times. Count the number of blue flowers in the room. Tap the left blue light 7 times and the right blue light 5 times.

Level/Door 55 Answer: Find the ball “several times” in a row.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 51 through 55 of Escape the Mansion. Continue to levels 56 through 60.


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