Escape Story Level 5 Walkthrough

Escape Story is the first episode of a new room escape game series from Mobest Media, though it’s listed on Google Play as developed by Goblin LLC. This first part is set in the middle of an Egyptian desert where you must solve the puzzles to uncover the mysteries of the story. Currently available for Android devices via Google Play, it’s also coming soon to iOS devices.

Escape Story Level 5 Walkthrough

Step 1: Tap the bowls on the right and pick up the one with the meat in it.

Step 2: Pick a piece of fruit off the bush on the left.

Step 3: Tap the pole once to make the lion go on the right side. Then tap the left side of the room to make the lion go back on the left, but this time you’ll notice it’s wrapped around the pole.

Step 4: Tap the rocks in the back of the room and pick them up. Smash the fruit in your inventory with the rocks and combine it with the meat (the meat will turn green).

Step 5: Feed the meat to the lion and it’ll fall asleep in the back corner. Tap the lion to zoom in and look at the clues on its back: lion, brush, rope, squiggly lines

Step 6: Pick up the bowl on the left back wall. Tap the pile of sand in the front right part of the screen and use the bowl on the mound. Pick up the object with the two grey half-circles.

Step 7: Tap the left back window and take the bar (the one that’s cracked). It’ll be in your inventory.

Step 8: Tap the dark patch on the pole and use the bar to break it away. Take the object with the two grey half-circles inside.

Step 9: Combine the two objects in your inventory and you’ll get a long piece.

Step 10: Put the new 4-piece object into the door. Change the shapes to mimic what was shown on the lion’s back: lion, brush, rope, squiggly lines. Escape.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 5 of Escape Story. Continue to level 6.


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