Escape Story Level 4 Walkthrough

Escape Story is the first episode of a new room escape game series from Mobest Media, though it’s listed on Google Play as developed by Goblin LLC. This first part is set in the middle of an Egyptian desert where you must solve the puzzles to uncover the mysteries of the story. Currently available for Android devices via Google Play, it’s also coming soon to iOS devices.

Escape Story Level 4 Walkthrough

Step 1: Tap the structure with the two scales and take the mallet.

Step 2: Pick up the torch off the wall.

Step 3: Tap the big stone box on the left and use the mallet to break the stone (also pick up the scarab). Use the torch on the wooden box to burn it. Pick up the bottom part of the pyramid.

Step 4: Tap the paintings on the right side of the wall. Pick up the coins (and also the scarab). Look at the painting on the right and make note of the clue. Look at how many lines are next to each symbol (the lines represent the gold coins)

Step 5: Go to the two scales and tap above them to see the picture. It’s the half pink circle on the left and a brush on the right.

  • Put seven (7) coins on the left scale
  • Put two (2) coins on the right scale

Take the pyramid top and combine it with the pyramid bottom in your inventory.

Step 6: Go to the exit door and put the pyramid in the hole. Escape.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 4 of Escape Story. Continue to level 5.


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