Escape Quest Level 8 Walkthrough

Escape Quest is a new room-escape game from MobiGrow (developers of Can You Escape). Like their other games, the goal is to collect and combine items, solve puzzles and think outside the box to escape the rooms and advance to the next stages. and use the clues provided to escape the room. Escape Quest is currently available for Android devices via Google Play, but it is also coming to iOS via the iTunes store.

Escape Quest Level 8 Walkthrough

Step 1: Tap the picture frame at the front and notice the color of the shirts: Red, Blue, Teal, Yellow.

Step 2: Tap the silver cylinder next to the bean bag chair and change the colors: Red, Blue, Teal, Yellow. Take black robot arm.

Step 3: Tap the green plant on the left side of the room to see the desk. Tap the robot to zoom in and place his robot arm onto him.

Step 4: Tap the four picture frames in the back of the room. Notice their numbers:

  • Top = 7
  • Right = 1
  • Bottom = 2
  • Left = 4

Step 5:  Go back to the table with the robot on it and tap the lockbox underneath. Enter the code: “4712” to open it. Take the laser pen and put it into the hand of the robot.

Step 6: Tap the chalkboard on the right and take the robot hand. Now go to the robot on the red desk and put the arm into it.

Step 7: Tap the soccer ball in the middle of the room and adjust all parts of it so that the numbers touching are the same color . It should look like this, but tap the bottom white piece one more time so the blue 3 matches up with the blue 8. Take the tape from inside.

Escape Quests level 8

Step 8: Now tap the projector on the red desk (next to the photo) and insert the tape. When you back out, you’ll see a green chart above the television.

Step 9: Tap the television and solve the puzzle.

  • Top left corner = black 8
  • Top right corner = yellow 2
  • Bottom right corner = pink 11
  • Bottom left corner = yellow 3
  • Left = pink 7
  • Top = purple 5
  • Right = blue 9
  • Bottom = green 6

Escape Quest 8

Step 10: Take your prize. It’s a key inside the XStation. Tap the far right white bookcase (right of the TV). Take one of the DVD games for the XStation. Combine the key with the game case that you have in you inventory and you’ll get a laser pointer.

Step 11: Go back to the robot on the red shelf and put the laser pointer in its hand.

Step 12: Tap on the green chart of numbers on the wall and the lasers are pointing to the following numbers “483” and “2”.

Step 13: Go to the exit door and enter the code “4832” to escape.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 8 of Escape Quest. Continue to level 9.

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