Escape Quest Level 3 Walkthrough

Escape Quest is a new room-escape game from MobiGrow (developers of Can You Escape). Like their other games, the goal is to collect and combine items, solve puzzles and think outside the box to escape the rooms and advance to the next stages. and use the clues provided to escape the room. Escape Quest is currently available for Android devices via Google Play, but it is also coming to iOS via the iTunes store.

Escape Quest Level 3 Walkthrough

Step 1: Tap the gray cubbies on the back wall and open the bottom right. Tap the towel to get the wrench.

Step 2: Tap the mirror on the right wall and rip off a paper towel from the machine on the right.

Step 3: Tap the bucket with the green liquid coming out and use the paper towel to wipe it up. Notice the symbols: 6 VIII (these are coordinates)

Step 4: Go to the writing on the wall and locate the tile with those coordinates: Row 4, column VIIII (the tile above the “i”). Use the wrench to break it and take the key.

Step 5: Go back to the sink and tap the mirror to reveal the arrows:

  • Top left = arrow point left
  • Top right: arrow point down
  • Bottom left: arrow point down
  • Bottom right: arrow point right

Step 6: Tap below the grey box below the sink and unlock it with the key. Turn the handles to reflect the arrows.

  • 1st pipe: 2 taps (point down)
  • 2nd pipe: 3 taps (point left)
  • 3rd pipe:  1 tap (point right)
  • 4th pipe: 2 taps (point down)

The sink will be filled with water now. Take the key and use it to escape the room.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 3 of Escape Quest. Continue to level 4.


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