Escape Quest Level 2 Walkthrough

Escape Quest is a new room-escape game from MobiGrow (developers of Can You Escape). Like their other games, the goal is to collect and combine items, solve puzzles and think outside the box to escape the rooms and advance to the next stages. and use the clues provided to escape the room. Escape Quest is currently available for Android devices via Google Play, but it is also coming to iOS via the iTunes store.

Escape Quest Level 2 Walkthrough

Step 1: Tap picture frames on the back wall and take the two potted pink plants. Notice the four pictures: baby in pool, cat, buildings, mountains.

Step 2: Look around the room for the pictures that match up with those. Once you find them, go back to the picture frames on the wall and flip them to match the directions of the ones scattered around the room.

  • Red picture frame with kid (bookshelf below) = flipped left
  • Blue picture frame with cat (bookshelf below) = flipped right
  • Black picture frame with skyscrapers (dresser on back right wall) = flipped upside down
  • Green picture frame with mountains (inside left drawer of desk) = flipped upside down

Once the lock opens tap on the object inside and notice the number: 1255

Step 3: Go to the computer and tap the screen. Enter the code “1255”. Notice where the two pieces are on the checker board: Row 1, Column 3 and Row 3, Column 6.

Step 4: Tap the checker board in the middle of the room and put the potted plants in the same position as the pieces shown on screen. Row 1, Column 3 and Row 3, Column 6. The lights on the corners will turn green and the numbers above the door to the room will appear: 3251.

Step 5: Tap on the door and enter the code “3251” to open it. You’ll see a brick wall with a key. Take the key.

Step 6: Tap on the blue cabinet against the left wall and use the silver key to open it. Zoom out and that’s the door to escape.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 2 of Escape Quest. Continue to level 3.


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