Escape Quest Level 10 Walkthrough

Escape Quest is a new room-escape game from MobiGrow (developers of Can You Escape). Like their other games, the goal is to collect and combine items, solve puzzles and think outside the box to escape the rooms and advance to the next stages. and use the clues provided to escape the room. Escape Quest is currently available for Android devices via Google Play, but it is also coming to iOS via the iTunes store.

Escape Quest Level 10 Walkthrough

Step 1: Tap the kitchen table and take the wrapped food off the plate.

Step 2: Tap the right counter (with the silver tea kettle) and take the object with the spring on it..

Step 3: Tap the middle of the top cabinets and take the knife.

Step 4: Tap the right top cabinet and open it. Take the object with the red and black buttons on it.

Step 5: Tap the toaster on the counter and insert the object with the red and black button.

Step 6: Tap the microwave and place the wrapped food in it. Then put the object with the spring into the hole at the top above the red buttons. Tap the red buttons in the following order:

  1. Bottom left
  2. Middle right
  3. Bottom right
  4. Top left
  5. Middle left
  6. Top right

Tap the microwave to open it and take it out.

Step 7: Go to the green cabinet at the top and put the object with the green circle from your inventory into it. Open the cabinet. and take the loaf of bread and battery.

Step 8: Use the knife from your inventory on the bread and get a slice. Put the slice in the toaster and press the red button. Press it again to top the toast up, revealing the number “13:56” on it. Take the blue key.

Step 9: Tap the bottom middle blue cabinet (with green trim) and use the key to open it. Take the battery.

Step 10: Tap the timer next to the exit door and put the two batteries inside of it. Change the time so it reads “13:56”. Escape.

Congratulations! You’ve completed level 10 of Escape Quest. Continue to level 11.


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