Easiest Escape Doors Walkthrough: Levels 6 7 8 9 10

Easiest Escape Doors is a room escape game in which you must solve the puzzle to open the locked door and proceed to the next level. Developed by CM Studio, Easiest Escape Doors Ever is available for Android and iOS devices.

Level/Door 6: Grab the two birds and put them in the cages: one is on top of the cage and the other is hiding behind the door (you can see its tail feather).

Level/Door 7: Take the cassette and put it in the boombox on the left. Take the record and put it in the record player in the middle. Take the movie reel and put it in the projector on the right.

Level/Door 8: Tap the handlebars of the bike (ring the bell) and a ladder will drop down. Tap the ladder to go up and grab the bike seat. Go back down and place the seat on the bike.

Level/Door 9: Tap the dice to pick them up and change the numbers in the slot machine to match what the dice say (2, 6 for me)

Level/Door 10: Tap the chairs in the order from least number of diamonds to most (1 through 5).

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 6 through 10 of Easiest Escape Doors. Continue to levels 11 through 15.


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