Easiest Escape Doors Walkthrough: Levels 36 37 38 39 40

Easiest Escape Doors is a room escape game in which you must solve the puzzle to open the locked door and proceed to the next level. Developed by CM Studio, Easiest Escape Doors Ever is available for Android and iOS devices.

Level/Door 36: Repeatedly tap the red button on the left until the dot hits the top and turns green. Do the same for the right side.

Level/Door 37: Slide the ladder to the left and go up the ladder into the pipe. Continue clicking through the pipes until you find the crowbar. Go back and slide the ladder to the right. Use the crowbar to open the grate. Grab the key and use it to unlock the door.

Level/Door 38: Grab the spray paint can. Drag the rope across the screen until the tires from the cart line up with the two  red lines. Use the spray paint on the four brick-shaped holes to reveal the numbers 1-4. Tap the numbers in order.

Level/Door 39: Tap the top circle to start moving it. When both circles are above the door, tap the door to open it. The top circle moves much slower than the bottom one.

Level/Door 40: Tap the letters on the left side of the wall and spell out the following words: Hat, Glasses, Mustaches.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 36 through 40 of Easiest Escape Doors. Continue to levels 41 through 45.


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