Easiest Escape Doors Walkthrough: Levels 26 27 28 29 30

Easiest Escape Doors is a room escape game in which you must solve the puzzle to open the locked door and proceed to the next level. Developed by CM Studio, Easiest Escape Doors Ever is available for Android and iOS devices.

Level/Door 26: Pick up the white 3D glasses. Tap the circles so that the white mesh is in the following positions:

  • Red = white mesh on top
  • Blue = white mesh on bottom
  • Green = white mesh on left
  • Yellow = mesh on right

Level/Door 27: Starting from the left pull the water through the pipes: down, up, down, up

Level/Door 28: Tap the circle on the black line and the door will begin sliding. When it gets to the opening, tap it.

Level/Door 29: From top to bottom change the numbers to: 4-8-7. How we solved it: Pick up the 3D glasses and take the gold key. Use the key to open the top left drawer. Tap the drawer and you’ll get a pink lens. Put the lens into the glasses. Slide the black chair to the right and pick up the blue lens off the floor (right below the door). Put it in the glasses. Pull down the projector screen and you’ll see the code “487”.

Level/Door 30: Tap the blue button once, the yellow button three times and the red button four times.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 26 through 30 of Easiest Escape Doors. Continue to levels 31 through 35.


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