Easiest Escape Doors Walkthrough: Levels 16 17 18 19 20

Easiest Escape Doors is a room escape game in which you must solve the puzzle to open the locked door and proceed to the next level. Developed by CM Studio, Easiest Escape Doors Ever is available for Android and iOS devices.

Level/Door 16: Press the tiles on the wall in the following order: red, green, blue, yellow.

Level/Door 17: Place the star on top of the tree, the red ball ornament on the left side of the tree (towards the top), the present on the wall to the left of the tree, and the Santa on the lower right side of the tree.

Level/Door 18: Change the numbers to the number or red objects going from top to bottom: 3, 1, 6

Level/Door 19: Look at the flowers on the wall and notice the part of the petal that is shaded in. Tap the left clock so the hand points to XIII. Tap the right clock so the hand points to the I. Take the key and open the door.

Level/Door 20: Tap the mirror on the right and find the hidden numbers. Change the numbers going from top to bottom: 1, 2, 5.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 16 through 20 of Easiest Escape Doors. Continue to levels 21 through 25.


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