Easiest Escape Doors Walkthrough: Levels 11 12 13 14 15

Easiest Escape Doors is a room escape game in which you must solve the puzzle to open the locked door and proceed to the next level. Developed by CM Studio, Easiest Escape Doors Ever is available for Android and iOS devices.

Level/Door 11: Tap the white door (3rd door) and take the black key. Use the black key on the black door (1st door) and take the silver key. Use the silver key on the brown door (4th door) and take the last key. Use the key on the silver door (2nd door).

Level/Door 12: Take the right handle from the bathtub and put it on the door. Tap it.

Level/Door 13: Tap the pipes so that they all connect from the handle on the left side to the gear on the right. Once they are all connected and lined up, tap the handle to open the door.

Level/Door 14: Match the pictures to their correct dates:

  • Plane: 1903
  • Rocket: 1933
  • Bicycle: 1839
  • Car: 1886

Level/Door 15: Slide the black underwear right, revealing more clothes. Tap the white tanktop and take the key. Use the key on the door.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 11 through 15 of Easiest Escape Doors. Continue to levels 16 through 20.


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