EA reacts to iPhone 6 reveal by announcing three new games for ‘next gen’ mobile gaming’

With Apple having revealed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus earlier this week, Electronic Arts responded by announcing plans to bring “next generation gaming to the palm of your hand.”

EA today revealed three new games that will launch over the next year, including the first, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, which will be available later this month. The other two, Peggle Blast and SimCity BuildIt will launch this fall. According to EA, all three are built “specifically for mobile.” And now, with the power of the iPhone 6 and capabilities of iOS 8, “all three will be bigger and better” when they release.

“Here’s what was obvious: the combination of the beautiful screen, stronger processing power, better battery life and increased storage capacity tells us that we’re getting to next generation console-level capabilities with the new devices,” EA Mobile executive VP Frank Gibeau said. “Right in the palm of your hand.

“As developers, we love the Retina display – more fidelity on the screen, along with more real estate to play on, means better game experiences. Metal is a real game changer for us as well – it unlocks tons of opportunities, including new shaders and texture memory to create richer environments, advanced AI, frame rate stability and an overall level of immersion that’s really impressive. And let’s be honest: give a game maker more storage size, and we’re going to take it and run with it to bring higher quality experiences to our players.”


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