Dr. T’s Mega Crab arrives in Boom Beach

The dastardly Dr. T has a new plan to take over the archipelago — a robotic mega base of destruction, also known as the Mega Crab. The Mega Crab event unlocks at Headquarter’s Level 7 and appears form the water’s shadowy depths near your home base.

The Mega Crab comes with an infinite number of stages to beat, each increasing in difficulty as you go. You have a certain number of available attacks to defeat as many stages as possible, but be aware that damage is persistent. This means the damage you do will carry over to your next attack until the stage is destroyed.

You’ll being with three attacks and can store a maximum of seven attacks. Your goal is to beat as many stages as possible. The less attacks you use per stage, the fast you’ll proceed to the next stage. Defeating a stage gives you one extra attack. Should you run out of attacks, wait three hours to get a new one.


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