Doors & Rooms Walkthrough: Chapter 3 ‘Silent Hospital’ Stages 1 2

Doors & Rooms is, as the name suggests, a room escape game in which you must solve puzzles using clues, hints, and objects around you to open the door and escape to the next room. The game is divided into differently themed chapters, each with its own set of stages. Below is a walkthrough for Doors & Rooms, which is currently available for both Android and iOS devices.

Chapter 3-1 Walkthrough: Open the box next to the ambulance and take the can of spray. Zoom in on the license plate on the back of the ambulance and use the can to clean it. You’ll see the numbers “5728”. Press the lock on the back of the ambulance door and enter the combination “5728” to open it; take the crowbar. Take the crowbar and use it to open the passenger door. Tap the door again and press the key to turn on the engine. Look at the color of the lights: yellow, green, red, blue. Tap the color panel next to the hospital door and change the colors to: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue.

Chapter 3-2 Walkthrough: Take the CD case in the bottom left cubby of the shelf and dismantle it in your inventory. Use the CD on the computer and look at it to see where on the shelf to figure out the password (C4+A3+B1-E3). Also notice the password is in the box F2.

  •  Look at C4 (row 4 column 3 on the shelf — a photo of doctors) = 1221
  • Look at A3 (row 3 column 1 on the shelf — a silver plate award) = 1983
  • Look at B1 (row 1 column 2 on the shelf — a bunch of books) = 2485
  • Look at E3 (row 3 column 5 on the shelf — and award for Dr. Vincent) = 2012

C4+A3+B1-E3 = 1221+1983+2485-2012 = 3677. Press on shelf F2 (row 2 column 6) and enter the password “3677” to open the safe. Take the key and use it to unlock the safe.


Congratulations! You’ve completed Stages 1 and 2 of Doors & Rooms Chapter 3: Silent Hospital. Continue to stages 3 and 4 of Chapter 3: Silent Hospital.


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