Doors & Rooms Walkthrough: Chapter 1 ‘Rusty Key’ Stages 1 2 3 4 5

Doors & Rooms is, as the name suggests, a room escape game in which you must solve puzzles using clues, hints, and objects around you to open the door and escape to the next room. The game is divided into differently themed chapters, each with its own set of stages. Below is a walkthrough for Doors & Rooms, which is currently available for both Android and iOS devices.

Chapter 1-1 Walkthrough: Press the door to open it.

Chapter 1-2 Walkthrough: Tap the latch at the bottom right of the door to zoom in. Press it again to unlock it. Press the door to open it.

Chapter 1-3 Walkthrough: Pick up the hammer off the floor and use it to break the glass. Take the keys from inside the glass and use it to open the door.

Note: Remember the 7 of Spades on the keys for Chapter 1-10.

Chapter 1-4 Walkthrough: Open the top drawer of the cabinet and take the bulb. Look and your inventory and “dismantle” the bulb. Use the key to unlock the door and press the door to open it.

Note: Remember the 3 of Hearts on the keys for Chapter 1-10.

Chapter 1-5 Walkthrough: Take the batteries and the remote from off the ground. Combine them in your inventory. Use the new combined object on the hole int he wall and a machine with keys will come out. Use the keys to unlock the door.

Note: Remember the 2 of Clubs on the keys for Chapter 1-10.

Congratulations! You’ve completed Stages 1 through 5 of Doors & Rooms Chapter 1: Rusty Keys. Continue to stages 6 through 10.


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