DOOORS Walkthrough: Levels 76 77 78 79 80

DOOORS is a room escape puzzle game from 989 Works. Like other room escape games, DOOORS challenges you to break out of the rooms by solving the hidden mysteries and solving tasks using clues provided. Below is the complete walkthrough for all levels in DOOORS; be sure to check back with each update as more rooms are added. You can download DOOORS for Android or iOS.

Door/Level 76 Answer: While the cannon is shooting the green blocks, tilt your device to move the green block. Make it land on the circular platform in the middle. Pick up the green block and put it in the correct spot (Column 2, Row 2)

DOOORS level 76 answer

Door/Level 77 Answer: Use the gun (from your inventory) to shoot the middle light at the top, revealing a shape. Change the patterns on the squares so that it makes a star. Make sure you use the correct jagged edge patterns since there are two types.

DOOORS level 77 answer

Door/Level 78 Answer: Figure out what colors make purple, orange, and green. These colors go into the white squares (from left to right):

Blue, Red, Yellow, Green (green should be blue, but it seems like for now it is glitched). Put the correct amount of blocks corresponding to how many triangles there are of each color (from left to right): 6 blocks, 2 blocks, 3 blocks, 5 blocks

DOOORS level 78 answer

Door/Level 79 Answer: Swipe downward on the left red block and swipe upward on the right red block. The cannon at the top will start shooting red and green balls. Only shoot the green balls until all the lights above the door turn green.

Door/Level 80 Answer: Use the hammer to break the lock and tap the left button until the words are in place (tap 12 times). Tap the right button until the words are in place (tap 9 times).

Congratulations! You’ve completed doors 76-80 of DOOORS. If this guide helped, please like the page and be sure to return for help with the next update.



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