DOOORS Walkthrough: Levels 6 7 8 9 10

DOOORS is a room escape puzzle game from 989 Works. Like other room escape games, DOOORS challenges you to break out of the rooms by solving the hidden mysteries and solving tasks using clues provided. Below is the complete walkthrough for all levels in DOOORS; be sure to check back with each update as more rooms are added. You can download DOOORS for Android or iOS.

Door/Level 6 Answer: Tap the light switch on and off until all of the circles above the door are green. (9 taps and then press the door)

Door/Level 7 Answer: Using the door as a clue, press the top and bottom circles on the left bar and the middle circle on the right bar. Then open the door.

Door/Level 8 Answer: Look for the red dot near the left plant hat isn’t actually touching it (it has the same symbol that’s above the door next to it). Slide your finger across the door from right to left to open it.

Door/Level 9 Answer: Press the wheel on the right side to make it spin. You need to make the green show up on both wheels at the same time to open the door. Pressing the right side wheel when the left side wheel circle shows up near 7 o’clock should get both greens to show up at once. The light above the door will blink green, you must open the door while it’s green.

Door/Level 10 Answer: Shake your device to put out the fire. Repeatedly tap the plant on the left side to move it out of the way. Tap the pile of burned sticks to reveal the crank, pick up the crank. Select the crank from your inventory, place it into the newly revealed hole, and press the crank to open the door.

Congratulations! You’ve completed doors 6-10 of DOOORS. If this guide helped, please like the page and continue to doors 11 through 15.



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