Dooors 4 Walkthrough: Levels 5 6 7 8

Dooors 4 is a room-escape puzzle game from 58 Works. It’s the fourth chapter in the developer’s “DOOORS” series. As such, the goal is to use the clues to solve the puzzle and break out of the room. Dooors 4 is available on Android devices on the Google Play store.

Level 5/Door 5 Answer: Pick up the basketball and shoot it into the hoop three times.

Level 6/Door 6 Answer: Tilt your device to the right to fill the right bar. Then tilt it to the left to fill the left bar. When both bars  turn green, you can tap the door to open it.

Level 7/Door 7 Answer: Tap the left part of floor to pick up the pitchfork. Use the pitchfork to pop the balloon and reveal the hint. Change the time on the left to 6, and the time on the right to 10.

Level 8/Door 8 Answer: Swipe the door left and right until ti appears. Then drag it up so it opens.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 5 through 8 of Dooors 4. Continue to levels 9 through 12.


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