Dooors 4 Walkthrough: Levels 1 2 3 4

Dooors 4 is a room-escape puzzle game from 58 Works. It’s the fourth chapter in the developer’s “DOOORS” series. As such, the goal is to use the clues to solve the puzzle and break out of the room. Dooors 4 is available on Android devices on the Google Play store.

Level 1/Door 1 Answer: Open the left box and take the key. Use it to open the door.

Level 2/Door 2 Answer: Slide both planks to the right side, then tap the door to open it.

Level 3/Door 3 Answer: Tilt your devices slowly until Door 3 is on the correct middle spot. Then tap it to open it.

Level 4/Door 4 Answer: Pick up the wrench from the floor. Tap the left table and use the wrench to remove the screw. Tap the button to open the door.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 1 through 4 of Dooors 4. Continue to levels 5 through 8.


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