DOOORS 3 Walkthrough: Levels 25 26 27 28

DOOORS 3 is a new puzzle game from developer 58 Works, and the third chapter in the DOOORS series. Similar to the previous two games, this is a room escape game. The goal is to escape from each room by solving the puzzles. DOOORS 3 is available for both Android and iOS devices. Below is a complete walkthrough to each level in the game.

Level 25 Answer: Drag the gate up. Tap the right box and take the plug. Put the plug into the hole above the door and open the door.

Level 26 Answer: Tap the white buttons so that the grey dot is equal to the size of the planets. From right to left press each white button the following number of times:

  • 1st: 2 times (2nd largest)
  • 2nd: 0 times (smallest)
  • 3rd: 1 time
  • 4th: 3 times (largest)

Open the door and tilt your device to move the ball out of the way

Level 27 Answer: Look at the map to see the path that will take you to the door. First tap the left ladder, then tap the left ladder again to take the key. Go back down twice to the start. Now tap the right ladder, left ladder, and right ladder again. Use the key on the door.

Level 28 Answer: Press the light switch on the floor to see the order: 4, 1, 3, 2. Watch the pointer carefully and remember where it points and it what color. Change the pointers from left to right to : North (up), South (down), West (left), North East (top right). Open the door

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 25 through 28 of DOOORS 3. Continue to doors 29 through 32.


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