DOOORS 3 Walkthrough: Levels 17 18 19 20

DOOORS 3 is a new puzzle game from developer 58 Works, and the third chapter in the DOOORS series. Similar to the previous two games, this is a room escape game. The goal is to escape from each room by solving the puzzles. DOOORS 3 is available for both Android and iOS devices. Below is a complete walkthrough to each level in the game.

Level 17 Answer: Press and hold both white buttons to see the clue. From left to right tap the orange balls on the ground: 3 times, 2 times, 3 times, 0 times, 1 time, 3 times. Open the door.

Level 18 Answer: Drag the chain down to see the clue. Change the symbols on the walls next to the door to match the clues and open the door. Pick up the pipe located in lower right corner and put the pipe into the doorway to keep the door open.

Level 19 Answer: Flip your device upside down and make the right green ball go to the end. Keeping your device upside down, tilt left and right so the other green ball slowly goes to the end.

Level 20 Answer: Watch the wheel on the right and when you see the white button press it. Press and hold the left wheel to stop it. Look at the colors and count how many sections of each color there are. Change the white dots at the bottom to match. From left to right change the colors to: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 17 through 20 of DOOORS 3. Continue to doors 21 through 24.


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