DOOORS 2 Walkthrough: Levels 21 22 23 24 25

DOOORS 2 is the sequel to the original room escape game, DOOORS, from 58works. Like its predecessor, the goal of the game is to solve the hidden mysteries and open the doors by making full use of your devices gestures. DOOORS 2 is available for both iOS and Android devices. Below is a guide to the game.

Door/Level 21 Answer: Repeatedly tap on the plants to move them. Using two fingers, swipe the door to the right to open it.

Door/Level 22 Answer: Hold your finger on the vents in the ground to stop the smoke. Change the left dot to pink and the right dot to blue. Press the door to open it.

Door/Level 23 Answer: Slide the fence away (left side left and right side right). Tilt your device so the green cubes are in the red box. This will unlock the door as long as the green cubes remain in the red box. Press the door to open it.

Door/Level 24 Answer: Look at the hole in the half circle machine in the ground on the right. Put the stick with the white ball on the end (in your inventor) into the hole and press the machine. You will see four of the white circles at the top go down. Only the first three white circles have numbers, but the rest are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

The order they drop and the number on that white circle is the order you have to change the white rectangles in.

  • 1st = 2
  • 2nd = 8
  • 3rd = 7
  • 4th = 4

From left to right, add the green boxes to the white rectangles: 2874. Press the door to open it.

Door/Level 25 Answer: Tilt your device to make the green ball reach the end without the red ball reaching the end.

How to solve: Quickly tilt your device to the right so both balls start sliding quickly to the right, but before the balls reach the first turn, immediately turn your device to the left. The green ball should barely reach the turn and start heading left, while the red ball starts back to the beginning. Hold your device upright to make the green ball go to the end and unlock the door. If you mess up, just press the white button on the ground to reset.

Congratulations! You’ve completed doors/levels 21 through 25. Continue to 26-30.


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