DOOORS 2 Walkthrough: Levels 16 17 18 19 20

DOOORS 2 is the sequel to the original room escape game, DOOORS, from 58works. Like its predecessor, the goal of the game is to solve the hidden mysteries and open the doors by making full use of your devices gestures. DOOORS 2 is available for both iOS and Android devices. Below is a guide to the game.

Door/Level 16 Answer: Zoom into the silver latches ont he door and use the screwdriver to loosen them. Press the two white buttons on the wall at the same time, then quickly press the door when teh door unlocks from the ball crossing the green line.

Door/Level 17 Answer: Pick up the brush from the ground (lower right corner). Select it and swipe around the ground to find clues. Change the shapes on the white blocks to match the ones on the ground. From left to right: Circle, star, diamond, equal sign

Door/Level 18 Answer: Flip your device upside down and press the door to open it.

Door/Level 19 Answer: Press the statue on the left and put the cross in the hand. Press the door to open it.

Door/Level 20 Answer: Press on the panels on the ground that the arrows are pointing to and open it. Pick up the goggles. Select the goggles and use it on the water. Use the brush on the wall underwater to see the clue. The fish shows you the clue: long, short, long, none, long, short. Go back up and press the blue buttons to match the length of the fish’s bones.

Press the buttons from left to right: 2 times, 1 time, 2 times, 0 times, 2 times, 1 time. Press the door to open it.

Congratulations! You’ve completed doors/levels 16 through 20. Continue to 21-25.


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