Disney’s Planes announced for 3DS, DS, and other Nintendo platforms

Disney's Planes screenshot - Bulldog

Disney’s Planes, a flying adventure game inspired by the upcoming Disney animated comedy adventure film, is coming exclusively to Nintendo platforms. Both 3DS and DS owners, as well as those with a Wii U and Wii, will be able to enjoy the adventures of Dusty (Dane Cook), as he and his friends “perfect their flight skills and embark on global missions, air races, and grand adventures around the world.”

The video game spin-off will expand beyond the storyline of the film, allowing you to play as the film’s characters in more than 40 missions set across six environments from the movie. Although all versions of the game include a single-player story mode that consists of multiple score-based minigames, the home console and mobile versions will have some slight variances. For instance, the 3DS and DS will only offer six characters to choose from while the Wii U and Wii will have 10. The Wii and Wii U versions will also include drop-in/drop-out two-player multiplayer. Lastly, the handheld version will have a separate challenge mode, while the console versions will have two exclusive modes: an exploratory “Free Flight” mode and an “Air Rallies” racing mode.

Disney’s Planes will be available on August 6 in North America, just three days prior to the film’s opening in nationwide theaters on August 9.






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