Developer warns of piracy on the 3DS

Jools WatshamIn response to Tiny Cartidge‘s report that hackers are progressing in breaking into the 3DS, award-winning developer Jools Watsham (Reneage Kid, Dementium II) has threatened to stop developing games for the 3DS. Uh oh!

“Piracy on the Nintendo DS crippled the DS retail market, especially in Europe,” Watsham said on his blog. “We’ll never know how/ifDementium II landed in as many hands as the first game, Dementium: The Ward, due to the rampant piracy at the time.”

“Dementium: The Ward sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide, which is a great success for an original mature-rated title on the DS. Recorded sales of Dementium II are less than half that. We’ll never truly know why that was so, but many seem to believe that piracy had a lot to do with it,” he argued.

Basically, if piracy gets bad on the 3DS, Wootsham said he’d have no choice but to stop supporting the system with new games.

“Some say that piracy leads to more game sales, claiming that it enables players to try before they buy. Bullshit. The percentage of people who will spend money on a game that they already got for free is surely very small – especially with so many “free” games already in the market. The line between what should/should not be free is getting very blurry.”

Long story short: if you want to continue getting new games on the 3DS, stop hacking it!


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