Colormania – Guess the Colors Walkthrough: Level 1 Answers

Colormania – Guess the Colors is a puzzle game by Genera Mobile that tests your memory with guessing the colors of the most famous icons of all time — be it TV shows, characters, brands, etc.  Simply pick the color(s) from the list to fill in the image. A walkthrough for each of the icons in there various levels are below. Download Colormania – Guess the Colors for iOS here.

Colormania – Guess the Colors Walkthrough – Level 1 Answers

Bart – yellow
Facebook – blue
Watermelon – green, red
Banana – yellow
McDonald’s French Fries – yellow, red
Pear – Green
Coca-Cola – red
Strawberry – red, green
Homer – yellow

Continue to Level 2 Icon Answers.


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