ClashCon 2016 cancelled, here’s why

ClashConBack in July, Supercell announced plans to host its second ClashCon event in Los Angeles. Well, sometime between July and now, plans changed and the company will no longer be hosting the convention.

In a surprise announcement today, Supercell confirmed the cancellation of ClashCon.

Part of working in small teams means sometimes saying no to things we badly want to do. Unfortunately, this year, we have to say no to ClashCon.

While big events like ClashCon are a great way to give back to players, they are largely limited to the Clashers able to attend in person. We decided that this year the best way to thank our players is to stay focused on the things that benefit the entire Clash Community: improvements and additions to the games, and experiences that players everywhere can enjoy.

We’ll still be keeping an eye out for opportunities to support or host awesome events for players around the world. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

On one hand, it’s sad that we don’t get to celebrate the universe of Clash with some of the most passionate playaers. On the other, it’s nice to see Supercell dedicated to making Clash of Clans and Clash Royale the best they possibly can.

Personally, I’d rather them focus entirely on updates and new features, but how do you feel?


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