Clash Royale’s Tournaments promise big rewards

As promised, Supercell continued to share details regarding the new in-game Tournaments feature coming to Clash Royale. While they didn’t get too specific, Supercell did shed some light on the prizes up for grabs.

Continuing to emphasize “inclusiveness,” Supercell wants there to be “lots of winners” with each tournament. “Almost everyone who placed in the top half of the tournament leaderboard wins a Tournament Chest.” We don’t know exactly what will be in these chests, but you can assume the higher you rank the better the rewards. Supercell did say the #1 placed player will get the biggest chest, with the largest tournament promising a chest that contains 15,000 cards. Additionally, the biggest Tournament Chests contain “a lot of epics and legendaries.”

Check out yesterday’s details here.


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