Clash Royale’s Tournament rules are changing, here’s how

Clash Royale Tournament

Earlier this month, Clash Royale developer Supercell spoke a bit about the game’s competition and tournament rules. These are basically level caps for various cards (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary), as well as overtime length.

In a post this week, Supercell further explained why Tournament Rules exist in their current form, while revealing how the rules will change with next month’s update coming in May.

First, the “how,” according to Supercell:

“We started with the lowest common denominator, Legendary Card level 1, and worked upwards from there, taking into account the relative power levels of each card rarity. However, after playing with the Tournament Rules for some time now, we’ve realized that we undershot the comparative strength of the Legendary Cards by a little bit.

Legendary Cards are looking well balanced in regular play, though, so we didn’t want to lower their strengths in general. Instead, we’re planning to bump up the Tournament Rules level of epics, rares and commons to bring a better overall balance to Tournament Rules gameplay.”

Now for what’s changing. Below are the new Tournament Rules coming in the next update:

  • King Level Cap: 9
  • Common Level Cap: 9
  • Rare Level Cap: 7
  • Epic Level Cap: 4
  • Legendary Level Cap: 1
  • Overtime Length: 3 Minutes

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