Clash Royale’s Three New Legendary units revealed

Clash Royale Lava Hound, Miner and Sparky

Seemingly concluding the sneak peeks before Clash Royale’s update arrives tomorrow, Supercell has revealed the remaining three new units coming. As previously teased, the three new units are, indeed, Legendary characters. And based on the shape of their portrait — which is similar to that of the Princess and Ice Wizard — we can assume they will be incredibly rare, and only found in specific Arena levels. So what are these new units? While we don’t have specific stats, below are some brief details:

  • Lava Hound: The Lava Hound is a majestic flying beast that attacks buildings. The Lava Pups are less majestic angry babies that attack anything.
  • Miner: The Miner can burrow his way underground and appear anywhere in the Arena. It’s not magic, it’s a shovel.
  • Sparky: Sparky has a heavy-handed approach to life: Obliterate everything in sight.

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