Clash Royale’s next update will finally address the problem with emotes

Clash Royale emotesIn a surprise 180 move, Supercell announced today plans to add an option that will allow players to mute emotes. THANK. GOD.

Admittedly, Supercell explained a few months ago that such an option has been a highly requested change among the playerbase, however, they stuck by their principle of “evoking strong emotions” with the game. They likened emotes with the same feeling emotions evoked from certain cards. And while emotes do evoke emotions in the game, they are mostly negative, I feel, as players often use them to troll. I’m sure you’ve all experienced the player who spams the laugh or cry emotes as they destroy your tower. Incredibly frustrating, and Supercell now finally realizes this.

“We think we’ve probably evoked enough emotions from you guys, and it’s time to revise our approach,” Supercell said today.

With the next update, you’ll now have the ability to mute your opponent during each battle. That being said, you’ll still see your opponent trying to communicate, you just won’t get the specific emotes.

“Since we still think it’s important that Clash Royale doesn’t feel like a single player game, you will see your opponent trying to communicate, but without any of the specifics.

Strong emotions are built into the core of Clash Royale, and are important for knowing the difference between good cards and great cards, but we’ve come to realize that this doesn’t need to be tied to all aspects of the game – emotes being a case in point.”

With all that being said, Supercell isn’t giving up entirely on emotes. In fact, the developer said they are still thinking of “some cool ways” to make emotes feel collectible and “even desirable,” which they hope could change player’s perception of them in the future.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with emotes. It’s the player’s use of emotes that’s frustrating. How do you feel about Supercell adding the option to mute emotes in Clash Royale?


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