Clash Royale’s next update helps ease the grind with improved Crown Chests, Card Donations

With new Tournament Rules and plans to increase the levels in Clash Royale’s next update, Supercell announced this week two major changes that’ll help players “get to the Tournament Rules more quickly.”

First off, the next update will double the rewards inside every Crown Chest. “This will make grinding out those Crowns and unlocking your daily Crown Chest even more worthwhile,” Supercell said. “Twice as much, in face.”

Additionally, the card donation and request system is being revamped so that it improves as you reach higher Arenas. For example, in Royal Arena you’ll be able to request 30 Common Cards or 3 Rare Cards at a time. This will undoubtedly help ease the grind once you start reaching those higher levels. The planned changes are as follows:

  • Request (every 8 hours): 30 Commons or 3 Rares
  • Donate (to each request): 6 Commons or 1 Rare

These changes are slated to arrive alongside the new Tournament Rules with the next update, currently estimated to arrive “early next month.”


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