Clash Royale update: Special Event Challenges, New Cards & More

Clash Royale updateA new update for Clash Royale should be rolling out today, and with it comes all-new “Special Event Challenges,” the gradual rollout of four new cards, and a number of behind-the-scenes improvements.

Special Event Challenges will appear occasionally for a limited time. The first will be the “King’s Cup” challenge with special rules. It starts on November 4th and is free to enter. The catch is that you enter each battle with a fresh deck of cards that Supercell has created for you. More details are in the video below.

Four new cards will also be releasing, with one new card coming every two weeks. First up will be Tornado, coming on November 11th.

And lastly, the update brings “improvements” and “card balancing.”

– During a Friendly Battle, both players’ cards are leveled up (or down) to the “Tournament Rules” for an even playing field
– Muting your opponent’s emotes will now fully mute them
– Unlock three new achievements
– Request cards from your Clan every 7h (from 8h)
– Clan Trophy requirements can be set to 4000

– When spectating a friend, the opponent’s Elixir bar is hidden
– We’ve re-balanced several cards (find out why!)

The update should roll out today so be sure to check the app store.


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