Clash Royale’s next update coming in October, could add Daily Tasks

Clash RoyaleNow that Supercell is back from summer vacation, the Clash Royale team is hard at work on the next update for Clash Royale.

While the update will undoubtedly feature balance tweaks to cards, there also appears to be some new features on the way.

In a recent Q&A, Supercell was asked about implementing daily tasks into the game. While they didn’t outright confirm such a feature, they did strongly hint that it’s on the way.

“Yes! And we probably* will be adding something along these lines with the next update – if all goes to plan!”

Supercell said they are aiming for an early October release for the next update, and teases it will be worth the wait.

Other features on the table being discussed, but not confirmed include more ways to invite friends to your in-game friends  list and a new game mode (not bracket tournaments).

It sounds like whatever is included in this update will be big! Sound off with what you’d like to see in Clash Royale’s next update.


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