Clash Royale Update: Lumberjack and The Log Legendary Cards revealed

Clash Royale The Log and Lumberjack Legendary Cards

In addition to the new”Frozen Peak” Arena, the incoming Clash Royale update will add four new cards — two of which will be Legendary.

Teased today, the two new Legendary cards coming to Clash Royale are the Lumberjack and The Log. While Supercell didn’t share specifics, Clash Royale pro “Ash” has an early look at both of the new cards. You can check out the video below, but here are some quick details.

Lumberjack (4 Elixir) – “He chops trees by day and hunts The Log by night. His bottle of Rage spills everywhere when he dies.” The Lumberjack is a fast melee troop comparable to the Mini P.E.K.K.A. The difference, however, is that the Lumberjack doesn’t do as much damage as the Mini P.E.K.K.A., but he does summon that Rage spell when he dies, making other troops more powerful.

The Log (2 Elixir) – “A spilt bottle of Rage turns an innocent tree trunk into “The Log.” Now, it seeks revenge by crushing anything in its path.” Damage wise, a Level 1 The Log is comparable to Level 9 Arrows; however, it only targets ground troops. It is considered the best counter to the princess.

And now check out the Lumberjack and The Log in action!


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