Clash Royale October Update Sneak Peek: New Game Modes, Challenges, Emotes & More

Clash Royale October Update - New Game ModesContinuing their sneak peeks for the highly anticipated October update for Clash Royale, Supercell today shared more exciting new features coming to the mobile game. Today’s sneak peek comes in the form of new game modes (Touchdown), new Challenge types, and new 2v2 Emotes and Rematch options! Yesterday, Supercell fully detailed the brand new Quests system.

Touchdown Mode

The highlight, of course, is the brand new Touchdown Mode — a 2v2 football-themed mode in which you don’t actually destroy towers, but instead try to get your troops from one end of the field to the other. The Touchdown Mode was shown off last week via a livestreamed tournament, so be sure to check out the full rules here.

Gold and Gem Rush Events

There are new time-limited events that allow you to earn gold or gems for destroying enemy towers.
Gold Rush is 1v1 and rewards you with gold upon destroying enemy towers (100 for 1 tower, 200 for 2 towers, and 300 for destroying all three towers)

2v2 Emotes and Rematch Options

The update will contain some qualify of life improvements for 2v2. You’ll now have the option to communicate with your teammate after the match via a set of predefined phrases. You’ll even have the option to rematch with your teammate if you find a good one!

You’ll be able to play 2v2 Challenges with your friends, making it easier (or less frustrating) to get to 12 wins because you won’t be stuck with random baddies.

New Challenge Types

The update will add new challenge types. Some examples:

Casual Challenge

Anyone at level 5 or higher can enter this new challenge which do not end after 3 losses. For instance, one challenge is to get 6 wins. You can do this for as long as it takes (even if it takes you 20 games to get your 6 wins).

Mirror Challenge

This challenge gives you and your opponent (or opponenets if its 2v2) the exact same decks.

Multi-Stage Challenge

Allows you to join the next stage only after finishing the previous.

Crown Challenge

In some challenges, youll score with crowns and not wins!


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