Top 3 ‘New Meta’ Hog Rider decks for Clash Royale Ladder

CWA Mobile Gaming has put together three new Hog Decks in Clash Royale for Trophy Pushing in the current meta. The three decks use the Hog Rider as a win condition, and can be used for mid to high level arenas depending on the card levels. The video above goes through some matches and offers some tips and advice using each of the three decks, but below are a quick look at the decks.

Deck #1: Hog Bait Deck

Goblin Barrel, Inferno Tower, Poison, Hog Rider, Goblin Gang, Skeleton Army, The Log (also seen with Zap), Dart Goblin

Deck #2: Hog Lumberjack Freeze Deck

Electro Wizard, Elixir Pump, Lumberjack, Goblin, Hog Rider, Zap, Freeze, Goblin Gang

Deck #3: Hog Nado Cycle Deck

Goblin, Knight, Lightning, Executioner, Hog Rider, Tornado, The Log, Ice Spirit




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