Clash Royale September 2016 update: Mega Minion card revealed

clash-royale-mega-minionClash Royale has four new cards coming to it over the next few weeks, and today one of those cards were revealed.

As part of the sneak peeks for the September 2016 update, Supercell revealed today the “Mega Minion,” a Rare troop found inside the Royal Arena (2,000 Trophies).

The Mega Minion is described as a mix between the Baby Dragon and Minion. It’s a tanky, single-target damage dealer that can attack both air and ground troops. I could talk about it more, but you’re better off seeing it in action.

The Mega Minion is said to be “available soon.” Whether or not that means it’s coming on Monday with the balance changes or at a later date remains to be seen; although, Supercell does say that one new card will be released every two weeks, so that’s something exciting for players to look forward to.


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