Clash Royale: No plans to nerf Royal Giant… yet

Clash Royale - Royal GiantThe Royal Giant is undoubtedly one of the most controversial cards in Clash Royale, with many calling for a nerf for the cannon wielding giant.

With Supercell hard at work on the next update for Clash Royale, can we expect the Royal Giant to be among the cards hit with the nerf bat?

While the Royal Giant is “definitely” on Supercell’s radar, there doesn’t appear to be any plans to nerf him just yet. But he is being talked about quite a bit in meetings.

Here’s what Supercell has to say about the current status of the Royal Giant in Clash Royale, and why they don’t plan on nerfing him as of yet.

“Interestingly enough, as beefy as he is – his usage rates actually quite low. If you take a step back and look at the game as a whole he’s not a big problem. And when looking at usage/win rates – he is not overpowered or overused in challenges/tournaments either. The only time when they see him being a problem – is in overleveling. Which only really crops up around the 4500+ range where people upgrade him and push a lot with him. This puts them in a tough spot, where if they nerf him it may help on the overleveling side of things, but then on the flip side he may become unusable at lower trophy counts.

So for the mean time – our big cannon shooting friend is to remain as he is.”

Do you think the Royal Giant needs to be nerfed?


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