Clash Royale: New Details On Upcoming ‘Quests’ Feature

Back in August we learned that Supercell was planning on adding a new “Quests” feature to Clash Royale with the October update. Now just a few weeks away from the update, Supercell has begun to shed some light on the highly anticipated new feature.

Taking to their social media channels, Supercell detailed about Quests:

“We’ll be serving up each player a new quest every day!” Every quest completed will count as progress towards opening some really nice chests – such as Magical, Super Magical and Legendary Chests! Additionally, completing the quests themselves will give smaller rewards such as gold, gems or cards. Some quests are as simple as collecting daily rewards, but others will be much more challenging.”

Overall, sounds like a pretty intriguing new feature that’ll add both short term and long term motivation to playing. What do you think of Quests in Clash Royale?


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