Clash Royale: Mega Knight Revealed with September 8th Release

Clash Royale Mega KnightThe Mega Knight, the 2nd of four new cards coming to Clash Royale, has officially been revealed by Supercell.

While we’ve known about this new unit for a while now, Supercell has confirmed he will be added into the game on Friday, September 8th.

The Mega Knight is a Legendary Card and looks to be an upgraded version of the already powerful Knight, which many consider to already be one of the strongest cards in the game. The Mega Knight appears to be a mix of the current Knight and the Bandit; he can jump around the arena, doing damage every time he lands. The downfall is that he’s kind of expensive, costing 7 Elixir.

Mega Knight Details

Clash Royale - Mega Knight details

The Mega Knight is one of four new cards for Clash Royale. It follows the Cannon Cart, which is already available, but the two remaining are the Flying Machine (balloon cannon) and Skeleton Barrel.


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