Clash Royale May Update sneak peek #2: Improved rewards!


Continuing to reveal details of May’s Clash Royale update, Supercell today shared specific details about the improvements to the loot and reward system.

As promised, Crown chests will contain twice as much reward, and donation/requests will be increased depending on your arena.

Additionally, to encourage you to play even while you are full on chests, you will also receive Gold for each win.

Check out the specific reward improvements coming with the update on May 3rd below:

  • Gold: Receive Gold for each win, even when your chest slots are full
  • Crown Chest: Contains twice as much!
  • Super Magical Chest: Chance to drop doubled!
  • Giant and Magical Chests: Chance to drop increased!
  • Donations/Requests: Increases as you reach higher Arenas
    Card Shop: Legendary Cards can appear once you’ve reached the Legendary Arena

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