Clash Royale May Update Sneak Peek #1: Live Spectating

Clash Royale May update live spectating

Clash Royale’s May update promises plenty of card balance changes, especially for defensive buildings, but that’s not all the update will bring. Developer Supercell today began their sneak peeks for additional features coming with the update, starting with confirmation that live spectating will arrive.

According to the brief details, you’ll be able to watch Friendly Battles live, and throw confetti! It’s unclear if the actual players will see the confetti thrown, or only those who are spectating as well.

Additionally, the update will also add TV Royale Channels, allowing you to watch the “best battles from any Arena,” not just high-level play. This will be a good way to study and analyze how players with similar cards in a similar arena to you are playing.

Check out the list of balance changes coming to Clash Royale on Tuesday, May 3rd, with the update.


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