Clash Royale: Here’s the new Clan Chest schedule

Clash Royale - Clan Chest

You may have noticed a small maintenance break in Clash Royale this morning. Supercell appears to have made some changes to the Clan Chest, changing it to a weekly 3-day event, starting January 16th.

Per Supcercell, “The required Crowns and rewards are roughly halved, but the result will be slightly more rewards overall.”

As of today, the new Clan Chest will look as follows:

– Starts every Monday (from every other Monday)
– Lasts 3 days (from 7 days)
– Requires 1600 Crowns to get to level 10 (from 3250 Crowns)
– Level 10 contains 270 cards (from 525)
– Level 10 contains 1620 gold (from 3150)

Additionally, Supercell also deployed a few fixes for the newly released Dart Goblin card stack and Jungle Arena value pack in the Shop.

“Everyone who had an issue when trying to purchase these items will either see the offers again, or if you purchased the card stack and lost gold we’ll be compensating with gems to the same value (we can see who these players are so no-one will miss out!)”



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