Clash Royale ‘Epic Quests Update’ Sneak Peek at New Game Mode

Clash Royale Epic Quest UpdateIf you’ve logged into Clash Royale, you’ve probably seen a new video from Supercell. If not, we’ve got you covered!

This ‘Flash Royale’ video teases the upcoming ‘Epic Quests Update’ which contains the highly anticipated new game mode. While we’re not shown much, the video does suggest that the new mode will contain some sort of football-themed elements.

While there’s unfortunately no sound in the video below, the one embedded within the game app does suggest a football-type approach. For instance, there’s a ref; a whistle blowing; the Hog Rider saying “Did somebody say pigskin”; and the Goblins saying “Goblin hut!”.

As we previously learned, the highly anticipated update, and its new mode, is expected to arrive in October. There’s plenty of new features to be excited about, but fans are most excited for the new Quest System and Game Mode.

Not much is known about the game mode, and the teaser doesn’t reveal too much. But previously, Supercell did say that it’s a 2v2 mode that is “VASTLY different” from anything we’ve played yet.



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