Clash Royale: Best Decks for the ‘Ramp Up Challenge’, Share Yours!

Clash RoyaleSupercell unveiled a brand new game challenge mode for Clash Royale: the Ramp Up Challenge.

As the title suggests, this new game mode sees the amount of Elixir you generate increase as time passes. The rules are simple: First minute is x1 Elixir, Second minute is x2 Elixir, and Third minute is x3 Elixir. Though the rules are simple, they create what could be the most technical and skillful challenge yet!

As for the rewards, you are tasked with winning 9 games before losing 3. Winning 9 games will earn you a Giant Chest (worth 490 Gems) which contains 800 Gold, x266 cards, and x53 rare cards. During the first run, on each win, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • x1000 Gold Coins at 3 wins
  • x2500 Gold Coins at 5 wins
  • x3 Rare Cards at 7 Wins
  • Magical Chest at 9 Wins

So be sure to share your best decks or some strategies that may work for you in the Ramp Up Challenge in the comments below!


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